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One charge lasts for two days

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*Hot Flush Study – 90% of testers felt a noticeable improvement in their thermal comfort. The band makes hot flushes and night sweats less bothersome and intense, improving your days and nights (120 women)

Lotus SmartTemp™ Band

A pioneering, personal cooling wearable which helps you reduce the intensity and frequency of hot flush – so you feel more comfortable and in control of your thermal regulation.
Stay in control and get on with your day with your cooling companion
One charge lasts for 2 days

How does it work?

Using patented and proven technology, the device can go down to temperatures as low as 5°C, providing a very strong cooling sensation, and triggers your body’s natural cooling process.

It uses safe and pioneering technology to impact the most sensitive nerve endings on your wrist.

Is it safe?

Lotus SmartTemp™ Band uses a safe thermo-electric technology which doesn’t pose any risk to your health. Lotus SmartTemp™ Band has been scientifically tested by researchers at Lotus Health, and successfully tested with women with moderate to severe hot flushes*.