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One spray typically last 3 to 5 weeks

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*Hot Flush Study – 90% of the women aged 45-65 reported moderate to high efficacy in reducing their Hot Flushes (120 women)

Lotus TempControl™ Spray

The new, scientifically-proven* once a day spray that reduce the intensity and frequency of hot flushes and night sweats.

What is it?

It’s not a cooling spray, TempControl™ Spray is a new, scientifically proven technology which activates and cools you down only when your temperature spikes, preventing hot flushes from settling in. It then recharges when your skin cools down and is good to go again.

If applied before bed, it reduces sweating during the night, so you can stop hot flushes from waking you up at night.

Apply in the morning or evening, under make-up and before moisturizers.

How does it work?

Lotus TempControl™ spray kicks in when your body temperature flushes above normal and automatically cools the skin as much as 3°C. When body temperature drops back to normal it quickly recharges and is ready to go again when needed – this patented, safe technology is called a phase-change technology.

Is it safe?

Lotus TempControl™ Spray is made in the UK from ingredients commonly used in body lotions, soaps and are safe, hypoallergenic and have been shown to not irritate or damage your skin.

Lotus TempControl™ Spray is hormone-free, free of alcohol, chemical scents, and heavy-metals particles.